Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yeah, What He Said

Sebastian at SIH answers questions posed by a Brady Board Member who commits 'reasoned discourse' at her own site.

His answers pretty much square w/ what I feel but, like several of the comments have stated, it won't mean anything.

These are mostly the typical loaded Brady-botesque questions that we hear all the time. She'll ignore any answer she doesn't like and will play word games w/ any others she thinks she can get away with. After we get upset enough w/ this round that we call her out on it, she'll play the 'wounded maiden' routine, call us a bunch of typical NRA meanies and then claim that she was only looking for 'thoughtful discussion' to 'solve the problem of gun crime'.

Then the cycle will start over.

Just watch. I'll wager a cookie on it.

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