Sunday, September 26, 2010

ISRA State and Federal Endorsements for 2010

Some surprises and some what I'm sure will be (and already have been ) controversies.

ISRA Fed-Pac Federal Candidate Selections
United States Senate - Randy Stufflebeam (Constitution Party) - Preferred
14th House District - Randy Hultgren (R) - Endorsed
15th House District - Tim Johnson (R) - Endorsed
16th House District - Don Manzullo (R) - Endorsed
18th House District - Aaron Schock (R) - Endorsed
6th House District - Peter Roskam (R) - Endorsed
11th House District - Debbie Halverson (D) - Endorsed
12th House District - Jerry Costello (D) - Endorsed
13th House District - Judy Biggert (R) - Endorsed
19th House District - John Shimkus (R) - Endorsed

ISRA Political Victory Fund State Candidate Selections

IL Constitutional Officers

Governor - Bill Brady (R) - Endorsed
Lieutenant Governor - Jason Plummer (R) - Endorsed
Attorney General - Steve Kim (R) - Preferred
Secretary of State - Robert Enriquez (R) - Preferred
Treasurer - Dan Rutherford (R) - Endorsed
Comptroller - Judy Baar Topinka (R) - Endorsed

Ill State Senators and Illinois State Representatives
as an offsite PDF. Alternate list and link here.

I'm pleased that the ISRA didn't endorse either Kirk or Giannoulias for Senate as both are completely useless for firearm rights.

But whether you support the endorsements or not. Get out and vote.

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Thomas said...

I'd like to know what "40th Senate District - Toi Hutchinson (D) has done to warrant an endorsement, other than being the chief of staff when Debbie Halverson held the office?