Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ya whatever

Can I talk to you about Jesus?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I find religion… somewhat humorous. I could write a book about what I find when I read the “Great Books” of any religion but, I’m more interested in the genesis of things than the actual things themselves.

I’m funny that way.

The human brain is good at three things:

1. Recognizing patterns
2. Categorizing things
3. Making shit we don’t already have

Sounds like a simple recipe and yet it has allowed the human race to dominate all other species. Those species we find useful?…we cohabitate with them and provide their every need as if we were subservient to them. All the others?…we work into a recipe. I blame salt and pepper.

So just what did our ancestors recognize as the primary pattern?

I gotta eat stuff and I like eating stuff that eats other stuff.

That just may be the most succinct description of life ever written.

I have a herd of elk and deer that have the audacity to drink water from my river. I have squirrels that have the testicular fortitude to eat seeds out of my bird feeders. I even have coyotes who send a menstruating female down to try and lure my dog back up the ridge to the rest of the pack.

We’re all trying to fill our bellies, no harm no foul.

If there truly is a GOD, then I’ll be the first to thank him for my thumbs; I use them frequently. But my thumbs only do what my brain tells them to do, and my brain tells me that there are others in this world who care nothing for the mere sustenance of their own body and seek to enrich themselves off the labors of others.

Life is not about eating and sleeping. Life is about learning how to eat and sleep without some other scumbag stealing your crap. That may sound materialistic to some but it is true to our nature.

I can recognize patterns.
I can categorize things.
I can build and buy shit I don’t already have.

In the end, the only things that can be taken from me are the things I allow to be taken from me.

For everything else, you’ll have to meet the brute force of the kaveman.

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