Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finding Religion in Illinois

Things are heating up in Illinois and in the IL 51st Senate District, the candidates are fighting over who is the most pro-gun.

Dem. Candidate, Tim Dudley, however, is having to explain some of his past actions. As a Macon Cnty board member, he voted against the non-binding 2A Resolution in 2008 (which passed). So now he's playing it down for all he's worth:
"He pointed to a nonbinding resolution I voted on on the county board, which had no practical effect. I joined other pro-gun members on the board voting against it."
Yet now:
"Illinois is only one of two states in the nation that doesn't allow concealed carry," Dudley said. "We must have a state policy to ensure that the constitutional rights of our friends and neighbors are defended."
Yeah OK. Sure. We know how he'll vote if the issue ever comes up, just like Gillibrand.

His best counter attack is claiming the incumbent R Senator, McCarter, didn't do enough to support a CCW bill that was killed in a loaded committee and never even got to the floor.

Maybe Quinn should take the hint.

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