Friday, June 26, 2009

'Conservative' Examiner?

A rambling collection of nonsense has appeared on the Examiner site under the 'Conservative' label.

Honestly, I don't think playing the race card, trashing Bobby Jindal, or plagiarizing Brady Campaign talking points has anything to do w/ "Conservatism".

I kid you not. If you're able to make it through this collection of incoherent and misspelled parsings, you'll note that he cut-n-pasted a section of Dennis Henigan's blog, including links, to call for more gun control in Louisiana. Then he has the audacity to post a link to his rant on Dennis' Huffpo blog.

'Conservative' ? I don't think so. You're not even literate enough to know what that word means.

Update: Apparently our illiterate law student decided to reply and continue to show his ignorance. Note that he neglects to respond to any of the facts about gun control vs crime numbers that I presented nor the fact that he blatantly plagiarized part of his post and instead continues to play the race card some more.
@Thirdpower what are a skin head.Are you so far to the right that you would not want to enact a law to prevent the easy buying of guns at a gun show.
That's right. According to this 'Conservative', since I oppose bans on private sales of firearms, I'm a 'right-wing skin head'.

He also doesn't realize that spell-check does not fix grammatical or punctuation errors.

Like I said, he's got no idea what these words mean.


Anonymous said...

If he really is plagiarizing from other sites, I would think you could report him to whatever passes as the governing board for the Examiners site.

As it is, I will avoid clicking on the links, since traffic generates money for the authors...

the pistolero said...

Man, but it hurt to read that cat's rantings. He has got to be some sort of agent provocateur.

Anonymous said...

From Veroferitas,

Has to be a provocateur. Like Alex T. Riley and his "NRAForever" persona.

Otherwise he needs to sue his teachers and professors for professional malpractice.