Saturday, December 22, 2007

CeaseFire NJ Reasoned Discourse

Bryan Miller is trying to either ignore or distance himself from Alexander Tristan Riley and lies about it in the process. I posted a link to Riley's latest blog, which he is eminently proud of, and noted that he was a board member of Ceasefire PA, CeaseFire NJ's sister organization. As those of you who have read it know, in between the insults, there are comments on gun laws directly related to Bryan's post about allowing firearms on campus.
Bryan deleted that post as well as the first one. Here's his response:


Well, I'm going to take down your latest, too. Why? Because you must be confusing me with someone else. I am the ED of Ceasefire NJ, as in New Jersey. And, the person you viciously attacked is not on the Ceasefire NJ Board or affiliated with it in any way. As I wrote above, your comment "has not a thing to do with anything I wrote. It also gratuitously attacks someone not associated with this blog." So, take your nastiness elsewhere, it is out of place situated under my blog.

But, as I've also written before, I do not intend to edit or delete comments that are in response to what I've written, even if they are as foul as that posted above by kels94. I love it when such as kels94 demonstrate for readers their relative class, or lack thereof.

Yep, keep those cards and letters coming!

Catch that? He claims that CeaseFire PA is not affiliated with CeaseFire NJ "in any way". I guess that's why Bryan co-founded, used to be the director of and still works directly with them to pass legislation. He states in a previous article : And, energetic and strategic leadership has emerged at CFNJ's sister organization, CeaseFire PA,

I guess that's not "affiliated with" in Bryan's world.

I didn't have to "attack" him Bryan. All I had to do was link to the various statements he's made and which he is proud of. This is the kind of person you have as "energetic and strategic leadership" and we're going to make sure everyone knows it, no matter how much you try and distance yourself from it.

So Alex, how does it make you feel that your associates are denying you already? Why don't you link to the blogs making what you claim are slanderous statements about you? Are you afraid of people reading what you wrote and later defended? Are you afraid that people won't see your claims of racism or supposed death threats because they aren't there?



Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Well, in Miller's defense, I would probably deny any link to ATR/bravely anonymous troll/NRAFOUREVER--even if I had to lie about it.

Alex goes beyond being an embarrassment to the anti-rights movement--he's an embarrassment to the planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

Miller, Jade troll and the rest typify the wonders of the anti gun side. Lies conjecture but when called out, yell that you are the one being rude and inflexible. When that fails then they resort to attempting to squelch you.

In any event Merry Christmas Thirdpower. At least we get some laughs out of the anti freedom crowd..


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Yeah, Ceasefire PA and Ceasefire NJ are so unaffiliated that a link to Ceasefire NJ is prominently displayed on Ceasefire PA's links page.

By the way, does the latest post on Alex's (aka NRAFOUREVER, aka Bravely Anonymous Troll) new blog imply that Alex is already taking his ball and going home?

Just when it was getting fun.

Thirdpower said...

Perhaps. It's funny that he claims he is being "slandered" by us just when all we have to do is post his own words.
Maybe if he had done some research, he would discover that Dlander is spoken while written is Libel.

He has made libelous statements about us claiming we would kill people.

The truly funny part is this line:
Any idiot who wants to spread ignorance and lies sets up his blog,or logs in to the Dung Heap, and spreads away.

I wonder if he recognizes the irony in that statement.

Anonymous said...

Third remember the truth hurts. He’ll try to stop you when you are hitting in to his back yard. Keep up the good work my friend. I will believe what you write long before Miller.


Rustmeister said...

Wanna bet kels94's real name is sock puppet?

Anonymous said...

Looks like he already deleted the Mike Adams is vermin blog as well.

Boy, for someone who isn't hiding, he sure is hiding a lot.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Yep--and on the very same day, the Guns Makes Us Free blog was shut down, as well. He's not acknowledging a link between himself and NRAFOUREVER, but the coincidences sure keep accumulating.