Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Cultural Thing

PGP points to a cultural reason why crime increases and it has nothing to do w/ guns. The scum that produced the original "Stop Snitchin'" video, threatening violence and retaliation against those who try and stop crime in their neighborhood, have produced a sequel.

So, will we hear rails against this from Laura Washington, Jessi Jackson, or Al Sharpton? Or will they just continue to blame Rural White Males for all the crime? I'm betting the former.

Ms. Washington,

I have contacted you in the past over your attacks on firearm owners and your assertions over whose fault it is for the high crime levels in urban areas. I was wondering, then, what your reaction and response would be to the fact that the group that had previously released the "Stop Snitchin'" DVD, threatening violence and retribution to those who assist the police in solving crimes, has released a sequel which continues to glamorize and encourage violence? Are these the same "People of the Gun" from your earlier articles?


Peoples Soviet of Illinois

Her previous articles provide an interesting juxtaposition to another statement she made:

Thanks to Bill Cosby, more of us are saying the excuses just don’t cut it anymore.

You know that old saying about what the truth can do? Come on, people—set yourselves free.

Will she continue to provide her own excuses for urban crime levels or will she read her own article and set herself free with the truth?

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