Thursday, November 1, 2007

Not Law Abiding?

Our friendly neighborhood JadeTroll has determined that gun owners aren't really law-abiding because some 44 individuals on the "Suspected Terrorist Watchlist", which not only the NRA but also the ACLU has issues with, applied for firearms during Feb and June of '04. and most of them were approved. Let's look at the numbers, shall we?

Total NICS federal checks in '04: 4,685,018
Number of people on the "Watchlist": 755,000

Accuracy of the "Watchlist": Piss poor

So, according to Jadetroll, it's perfectly alright to add people to highly inaccurate watchlists that are used to deny people their rights and privileges and lunacy to expect the Gov't to follow it's guiding documents and due process. He must also have no issues w/ Guantanamo or the CIA camps in Europe. Guilty until proven innocent. I wonder if he'ld feel the same way if his name was Akmed?

An interesting point in the article is this:

The legal debate over how gun records are used became particularly contentious months after the Sept. 11 attacks, when it was disclosed that the Justice Department and Attorney General John Ashcroft, a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, had blocked the FBI from using the gun-purchasing records to match against some 1,200 suspects who were detained as part of the investigation.

Why would they need firearm records of the suspects when not a single firearm was used? Oh, right. Being suspected of a crime is enough to invalidate due process.


Yuri Orlov said...

Hmmm... 44 out of 80 million gun owners. Yep, he's convinced me... :-P

What's he smoking?

Michael Hawkins said...

Exactly! If I could go through life with a risk margin like that, I'd live to be a 120 year old billionaire!

Anonymous said...

I think Jadey-poos pee stained panties are all atwitter because there WERE 4,685,018 requests for weapons purchases.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Does anyone from the other side even bother reading that site? The only comments I see are by Bill of Rights advocates like us, and by Jadegold itself.

Without us, Jadegold would apparently just be talking to itself. That might be for the best.