Sunday, May 7, 2017

OGRE: Militia and Revetments ODE/O6E scale

With the addition of the Ranger pieces, some others I've been mulling have come to fruition.

 I have one of the rarer expansions, Battlefields, from 2001.  Since I wasn't actively playing at the time, I never cut the counter card. Also was looking for a way to reproduce them since replacements were hard to get.  I got out of gaming for awhile and the pieces went onto a dust collecting shelf. 

Fast forward to 2017.  ODE/O6E are released.  I'm actively gaming.  SJGames is releasing more expansions and scenarios but not a complete re-release of Battlefields in current scale. It IS, however, available as a PDF. Sooooo....

Like the Ranger pieces, I scanned the counter card at the highest resolution I had available and printed out sections on photo paper, scaling it to the 'Classic Counter' 1"x1" size. To give them the thickness/sturdiness of the newer pieces, I pasted them onto medium weight mounting board then cutting into individual counters. 

The results weren't 100% perfect. For future projects, I need to find a better/more efficient cutting method as even sharp scissors were difficult to use and caused some bending. Photoshop experts could also likely make the print sharper, darker etc. but this isn't bad for a $40 printer and little artistic skills.     

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Unorganized Militia Gear
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Anonymous said...

get a photo mat cutter. Like a paper cutter but with a round blade, not guillotine. Not cheap, but they make crazy clean cuts through stuff up to 1/8 inch thick.