Saturday, April 15, 2017

OGRE Nihon Rangers*

A long time ago at a Con far far away....  SJGames previewed the (now tabled) OGRE Assault Packs w/ a preview of NAC Ranger chits. I was not at this Con and paid a stupid amount of money on Ebay for one of the cards.

Even before the expansion was tabled I thought "Well that's not fair... what about
 the Glorious Forces of the Nihon Empire?" So on and off I've mulled over how to get this accomplished since I have little to no artistic talents.

Now, thanks to artist extraordinaire 'MadManMike', the same guy that did my PC caricature, my dreams have been realized.  His photoshop expertise created a sheet of Ranger Infantry in Nihon colors.  With some cropping and scaling, I printed out a number of them on 4x6 photo paper.

An advantage of being one of the 4.5K sponsors of the ODE KS is that I have a goodly number of Nihon sheets available.  I didn't want to just leave the counters paper so I sacrificed one of the sheets to create full thickness, double-sided chits w/ some cutting, trimming, and stick glue.

Edging them w. maroon marker and I now have a significant contingent of Nihon special forces.

Perhaps one day 'official' Rangers will see the light of day.

Now I need Engineers.

and some NA Combine units made by scanning the original card, cropping, printing on photo stock, trimming and gluing to extra counters.

Update 2:  PE Rangers added to the TO&E. I inverted the colors from the card in Paint and did a little 'cleanup' (Auto Correct in the old Microsoft Office Picture Manager).

*Totally unofficial , not for sale, trade, giveaway,  etc. etc.  All rights reserved to Steve Jackson Games.

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McChuck said...

Awesome! A very worthy addition to the Ogre canon. Just goes to show - Rangers are better than Marines at most things. Taking beaches being the notable exception, of course. Thanks for sharing this!

My house rule - GEV class vehicles which are disabled while over open water sink, and are thus destroyed. Makes so much sense, not sure why it's not in the core rules. It does make the GEV's a little less effective while on the watery superhighways on some maps, though. Entertaining to sink a GEV-PC over a lake, and then watch the infantry platoon it was carrying sink to the bottom and slowly wade to shore.

KEL Enterprises said...

Any chance there is a download link lurking for fan based enjoyment?

Thirdpower said...

Unfortunately no. SJ explicitly said 'for personal use' when I asked permission to do this. I have a very good (not to mention contractual) relationship w/ them and I'm not going to risk that.

Hopefully we'll see more 'official' expansions in the future.