Friday, February 17, 2017

QOTD: Illinois Carry

So Rep. Robyn Kelly, is going to attend a meeting about 'gun control'.  This is the one who had her seat bought for her by Mike Bloomberg to the tune of $2.2m.

Love this description of what will happen over on IllinoisCarry:
I've seen the Robin Kelly machine in action.
She will arrive late.If WLOWV is smart, they will have a dancing bear or some bleeding heart to keep the troops entertained until her arrival.
When she shows up,She will proclaim how the NRA does not like her, and calls her a gun grabber.
She will next say that she does not like being called a gun grabber.She will then offer her gun credentials, which is her granpappy had a gun under the counter in the family grocery store in Harlem, and she has seen this gun.
After that, she will announce her common sense plan for grabbing your guns.
She will leave early, before taking any questions.
Sounds about right.

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