Sunday, January 1, 2017

Star Wars X-Wing Drone: The Unboxening

So my eldest sibling is the one who started me on the direction of Geekdom. Got me my first copy of GEV, took me to my first 'Con, etc.  This Xmas was no different. 

Setting the scene.  Xmas Eve. The dimly lit front room at our mom's house.  Everyone watching and quiet because sis insisted this be opened last. 

The box:

 The sides are sealed w/ plastic tabs that look like wax impressions of the rebel sigil. I carefully detach them and open the lid. This is what erupts:

OMG.  So today I finally get a chance to explore, assemble, and play. 

Lots of things.  Drone, remote, charger, batteries, and lots of extra pieces/parts.

Both C3-PO and Yoda instructed me to install batteries in the remote.  It's a very chatty system w/ lots and lost of background music and sound effects.  Most of them can be turned off.  It's fun for a bit but when you're trying to learn, it's a distraction. It did startle me when I pushed a button and "Weapons Systems are now activated" burst out. Lots of laughs from the rest of the family as it was very sitcom-esque. 

The assembly is fairly simple.  There are two styles of blades that need to be put in the correct places. The battery pack is actually designed to look like the cockpit w/ a dummy cover included. It's designed to be interactive w/ other units so you can have 'battles' using I/R sensors.  Yes it makes laser blast sounds as well.

I added the 'safety cover' on mine because.... well.... I suck at using RC stuff and I don't want to break my expensive new toy by repeatedly crashing it into things.

  It does have numerous 'beginner' user features to limit that happening. Even still, no video of the embarrassing initial takeoffs.  The batteries last between 5-10 min.  I'll be working on practicing a bit more.

Maybe when I can get it to move w/o crashing I'll post some video's.

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