Wednesday, January 4, 2017

'Snuffy' Phleger Needs To Turn Around To Find The Source Of Crime

So the 'Father' known for threatening the lives of politicians and firearm shop owners marched on Chicago to protest the large numbers of homicides last year.  Where did he march?  Why the 'Magnificent Mile', a high end, low crime shopping district in the city.  Nowhere near where the overwhelming majority of murders are occurring. They carried crosses engraved w/ the names of the victims.  The article highlights four of them.

 Regular readers of this blog probably know what's coming.

The first homicide of 2016, Deandre Holiday.  This was splashed over all the papers. The February before he was arrested for having a gun w/ a defaced serial #. I'm going to bet no FOID or CCW as well.

A relative of his, Derrick Canady, was killed in an alley at night in August. He was on parole for armed robbery and had a history of vehicle theft and drugs.

Another victim, Isaiah Hurley, was shot in the middle of the night in October.  He was on parole for multiple drug felonies and was a documented gang member.

Only one of the four victims highlighted in the story did not have a criminal record and he was killed by a carload of gangbangers.

So 75% of the 'victims' were living the 'thug life' and died the way they lived.  The last was the only real victim and it's due to the violent gang sub-culture rampant, and encouraged, in the city.

To find out why these homicides keep happening, Phleger needs to turn around and start questioning the families of the ones following him. They knew their sons etc. were acting stupidly. How many of them instead were blaming the police, the NRA, and anyone else instead of seeing reality?

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Anonymous said...

How dare you point out facts about the victims? </sarcasm.