Friday, January 27, 2017

Ancient Dread: The Lizard Temple Pt II


After a rest, we begin to move down to the next level. Blackness surrounds us along w/ a feeling of reverence. Two statues stand in alcoves to each side. We move down a thin corridor, no lizards in sight. Turning the corner, we find the entrance to a gallery. Red carpeting lines the floor. On the walls are a procession of works. Masterpieces all. Transitioning from time immemorial to modern. All relating to the hunt. Farther in we find pedestals. Reliquaries topping them. We guess they are trophies and the remains of ancient lizard heroes. On the wall, one item, a skin of some legendary beast, radiates magic. On the advice of my fellow fighters, I leave it where it is. Inside the gallery, three pedestals stand out. A heft of a spear. A giant reptilian hand, large enough for a glove. An eye, onyx, following us wherever we go. Rod senses evil and collapses on the floor. When she awakens, she tells us the eye is that of the hunt god. Evil and hungry. As we leave, stomping proceeds us. The statues ensuring we have not violated the temple.

The lower level beckons us. I turn invisible to scout ahead. Four pillars. Four braziers. In a recessed area in the center, the lizard leadership stand. I make a small noise, alerting an acolyte. Attempting to contact Echo via telepathy, we open ourselves up to the hunt god. It hurts. Rod prays for strength and Kym Nark Mar pushes the thoughts from our heads. The lizards alerted, still aren’t entirely prepared for our assault. My first arrows fly, hitting the priest, others hit the fire warlock. The fire warlock retaliates w/ a cloud of smoke, blocking my view. Before Echo can engage, the Earth warlock puts up a wall of earth, blocking one of the entrances. The priest disappears. The lizard snipers pepper the area I’m in w/ arrows, hitting me several times along w/ a fireball from the fire warlock. More of my arrows fly, killing the fire warlock and towards the earth warlock. One of those is blocked, apparently by an invisible Rod. Echo enters the fray, killing the acolyte and wounding several others w/ her powerful lightning balls. Rod savages the earth warlock w/ a cut to the gut. King and Ackdor engage the lizard lord and prince. I see the invisible and note the priest growing to the size of the behemoth. With the last of my ISP, I give the evil eye of death to the priest, killing him as my companions eliminate the remaining lizards.

We are all hurt severely. We find our third item. A large clawed hand. Time to return to Alta.

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