Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ancient Dread: The Lizard Temple Pt I


We are a few feet from the entranceway. Orange light spills out. We move into the entranceway. Strongbow, Ackdor, Rod, Echo, King. 4 guards are in the opening. I take a serious hit while parrying another. Ackdor puts his trident through its head. Another manages to hit itself in the head w/ a mace and entangling itself. It is dispatched by Strongbow. The others follow shortly. Echo lays down a sheet of ice on the steps tripping up several. One escapes down the back steps. After some quick healing, we head down.

At the bottom T, two giant snake statues. Strongbow reacts, almost striking it. He hears about half a dozen lizard men in the room. The group decides to charge decimating the front rank of lizards. The rest follow suite although King takes a serious cut that Rod struggles to heal.

 Our battle lust is still upon us so Strongbow, Ackdor, and Echo continue down to the next level. Two lizards, one in a red robe, one in brown are surrounded by another half dozen guards. Strongbow turns invisible and shoots the robed ones, wounding them. Rod flies down after healing King, missing a guard. King joins us. Echo puts up her electric field on the robed lizards. One drinks a potion, seeming to recover a bit as they fall out of the field. The brown robe, an earth warlock, puts up a wall of earth as Strongbow drops the red robed one. Ackdor charges into the fray but gets stabbed in the stomach. A dust storm engulfs us and the lizard guards. Strongbow, invisible, moves out of the storm, getting range on the brown robe. The melee continues in the sand storm, confused and blinding. Strongbow takes down the brownrobe then begins dropping the guards while the rest of the group continues to engage them. Ackdor is hurting badly, having been on the losing end of a fight w/ a guard. Finally they all are dead. We use a few minutes to catch our breath and heal Ackdor. Strongbow finds a potion on the body of the dead brown robe.

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