Sunday, June 26, 2016

HR 5576: The 'Compromise' No Fly No Buy Bill UPDATE

Introduced late Friday HR5576 is the 'Compromise' bill on the 'No Fly No Buy' meme.  Two supporters are Rob Dold and Robyn Kelly, both who had their seats bought by Bloomberg, which makes it suspect.

Can't really tell yet as there is no text available but it's all over the news. Not the actual bill number but the 'bi-partisan' and 'compromise' bit repeated ad nauseum.  Again.. Telling..  I really had to hunt for the number which makes it even more suspect.

After the crap they tried to pull w/ the previous bill, I don't trust this either.


Text is up. Same crap as before.  Only SCOTUS can declare unconstitutional.  No discovery.  Gov't can declare all evidence classified for national security. 

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