Saturday, April 9, 2016

Little More Needs To Be Said

In one weekend in late March, 76 percent of shooting victims were on the SSL and 95 percent had lengthy criminal histories.
Average is about 80% of victims have criminal histories so this isn't unusual.  It completely destroys the meme of 'innocent victims'.

And those committing crimes also usually have a long history of sub-human behavior:

Father arrested after 1-year-old son tests positive for meth
Belton police went to the family home and arrested Smith on an outstanding warrant, the paper reported. During a search they found drug paraphernalia and what appeared to be meth in two plastic bagas.
Smith told detectives he smoked meth but was careful to keep it away from his children, the paper reported, citing court papers.
Sometimes no matter what you do, some just won't learn:
 A Florida mom called police when she saw her daughter riding around in a stolen car and now the teen and her four friends are facing charges related to a violent carjacking....

 Janeth, three other girls and a boy, all 16 and 17, were arrested after they eluded police, first in the car and then on foot, according to WSVN.
Cops said the teens carjacked a vehicle that belonged to a 24-year-old student at Keiser University. The alleged victim told the station one of the teen suspects doused her with pepper spray and grabbed her hair.
 But just like the BLM idiots at the Clinton rally, the stupidity continues:
On some campuses, protesters have argued that black students face a greater risk of being shot with one of these weapons.
At Northeastern, the acquisition of semi-automatic rifles was criticized this year by Boston police, who said that the guns are unnecessary with city police so close to campus and that officers could end up shooting each other in the confusion. They also said the use of such high-powered weapons in a crowded neighborhood raises the risk of innocent people getting hit by stray fire.
"I actually don't feel as safe," said Chelsea Canedy, a junior at Northeastern who leads a student coalition opposed to the rifles. "You're seeing across the United States this militarization of many college campuses."
 Probably just be easier to pay criminals not to break the law anymore

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Chase said...

My initial reaction: "76% of these shooting victims were on a Secure Socket Layer connection?"