Wednesday, March 2, 2016

High Powered Idiots

So the Illinois State Police is working on reducing the number of highway shootings in Chicago since the POS's have decided that's a wonderful place to go and play their games.  They've arrested a bunch of drug dealers, DUI's, and confiscated a number of firearms. 

That's where the stupid starts coming into play.  Of course one of them is a 'high powered assault rifle' according to the so-called 'journalists'.  Here's the pic.

See those little tiny things next to it?  Those are the 'high powered assault ammo' this thing uses.  As SCC points out, it's a "Mossberg 22", an expensive plinker.

But since it looks like an 'Evil Black Rifle' it must be one.  Nevermind any knowledge or research into the topic. 

And people wonder why advocates get burned out dealing w/ the levels of stupidity like this.

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