Sunday, June 14, 2015

PFRPG 1st Ed. Munchkin Campaign Cont.

I've started a page for the RPG campaign I'm running for the spawnlings.  It is very 'Munchkin' but they're having fun.  Today they designed PC Caricatures using a LOTR scene generator.

Afdar the Dwarven Knight:

Majyck the Elf Wizard:

The party continued to drive through the goblin lair.  An attempt to sneak by their common room failed miserably, alerting the numerous inhabitants within.  Males attempted to attack the group while the females and pups ran for safety.  A Cloud of Slumber spell my Majyck halved the number of active opponents. The remained were quickly dispatched or subdued. The females and pups had barricaded themselves behind a solid door.  An attempt by Afdar to gain entry caused them to cry out for mercy from Set, their god.  Bartholomew, a Priest of Light and Dark, stunned by this realization, encouraged the party to move on and not bother the innocents any further.  The remaining guards didn't stand a chance as the group entered a storage area.

While searching the supplies for anything useful, a noise was heard on the far side of the room.  Deciding to hide, a group of hobgoblins entered through a secret passage and started pillaging the goblin's supplies.  Following them, the party took out another guard post but alerted those at the top of a flight of stairs.  A pair of hobgoblin guards sniped at the PC's using crossbows. Afdar charged the steps on his trusty wargoat, slashing left and right.  The rest of the party followed, striking down one guard.  Afdar grabbed a female hobgoblin, intent on killing him, and knocked her out with a head butt. Bartholomew the Priest fumbles his strike and ended up hitting the goat in the rump, causing it to start kicking, dislodging Afdar, and sending him down the stairs in a clatter.

Just then, the Hobgoblin Chief and his personal guards entered the fray, heavily armed and armored, a major threat to the group.  Their only hope was some sort of magic.  Bartholemew was too slow w/ a Carpet of Adhesion spell but Majyck cast her Cloud of Slumber, filling the entire area.  All but one of the hobgoblins fell asleep, the last one fled.  However, the entire party with the exception of the wizard herself, also succumbed to the spell. Majyck moved to another room which turned out to be the chiefs quarters.  After her spell expired, she disarmed the hobgoblins and began waking her companions.  The gnome thief, Trundle, first to awaken, jumped on the chief's back, holding a knife to his throat.  The chief wisely called on his guards to surrender.  Tying them up and further searching the chiefs quarters revealed a hidden compartment filled with coins and other items.  A medallion, later discovered to 'Sense Evil' was also uncovered.

The PC's decided to return to the Keep to recover, repair, and resupply. Surviving goblins fled from the mere sound of the party approaching.  A room was rented at the inn and the armorer was contracted to repair Afdar's plate armor which had taken much damage.

The spawnlings really want to run an adventure along w/ my character so my friend may take over for a few sessions resulting in a side campaign.  We'll see how it goes.

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