Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nice Hit Piece There Yahoo

Some far left wing 'journalist' pulls some red herrings out of his jacket, straight out of 'Rules for Radicals' to try and deflect attention away from the disaster that is the DNC election cycle and try and take down the NRA in the process by donating individual dollars and trying to find something to smear them w/. 
But my contributions and others like them may be a big problem for the NRA because, according to some of the nation’s top experts on federal election law, they are all illegal.
Those 'Top Experts' all being Democrat operatives and lawyers of course.

I'm sure this will spread all over the anti-gun facebook pages, much vitriol will be spread around, then, when nothing is found to be illegal and this turns out to be just another BS piece, it will disappear. 

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Overload in Colorado said...

Very confusing to me.
What are the difference between the ILA and the PVF, or are they they same thing?

Thirdpower said...

ILA lobbies for bills. PVC supports political candidates.