Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chicago Weekend Headline (Early Edition)

Weekend's not even half over and this is what's going on in the Windy City:

CHICAGOTwo people are dead and at least 16 others wounded since Friday afternoon, police said.
Many have this addendum:  According to police, the (insert 'victim') is a documented gang member.

Home of the Joyce Foundation and the Chicago anti-gun machine.

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hazmat said...

Surprise, surprise, right?

And in other news...The sky's blue and water's wet.

Mr. Engineering Johnson said...

Well here's one of the weekend's shootings.

I wouldn't mind if they all turned out like this!

Braden Lynch said...

I recently spent 5 days in Chicago.

All I saw everywhere were those idiotic little "no guns" signs. How's that working out for you Chicago? Try to do a similar shooting party in a gun state like Arizona and the offenders would be ambient temperature.