Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Modern Morals

Repeat 18yr old criminal gets ventilated while robbing a store w/ a gun.  Family's reaction is typical:

So what gave your thug son the 'right' to threaten people's lives w/ his gun and steal their money?  Maybe, just maybe, if you weren't a bunch of enabling idiots, he wouldn't be in the hospital after committing violent acts.

But remember, it's the mind-control chips in the gun that caused it all.

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Anonymous said...

There is really so much I could say here..... But I think every person has a right to rob a store, how dare someone step in and stop them from stealing someone else's property and possibly harm someone else in the process... insert major sarcasm here!! Seriously though, good job for the customer! I would want him shopping with me all the time!

Chad said...

Don't understand why they're complaining. He's still alive, isn't he?