Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Kind Of "Journalist" .@CSGV Supports

So Ladd Everitt and his lily-white group of race-baiting bottom feeders want to get a reporter fired for 'repeated violations of journalism ethics', none of which they actually point out.  Just like when they claimed I was an "Insurrectionist" for making 'Threats' but scurried away like cockroaches in the light when called on to show them.  

CSGV Miller

Well while they're completely ignoring the bought and paid for 'journalists' that Bloomberg's puppets are training, they put up an example of the type of journalistic integrity they find acceptable:

This truly unbiased rant was spouted out in 2012, while Moyers was still working. He used his position to "advocate aggressively, not to offer objective, balanced coverage." but instead of calling for him to no longer work, they celebrate his hateful, violence-enabling speech.  I also suspect that the CSGV paid money to 'promote' this post on FB just emphasizing their double standards and lack of ethics. 

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