Monday, January 26, 2015

I Can Has Home Improvement

I've been in the 'Trailer' for over 10 years and, outside of a spate of putting up shelves many moons ago, have finally gotten around to doing some decorating of my man cave.  I've been putting up pictures and prints that some have been sitting for decades to be displayed.  For me, getting stuff like this done is an accomplishment.  This is not my area of expertise.

A signed print of a 'Great Woolly Dragon" from Palladium FRPG which I had signed by author Kevin Siembieda at GenCon last year. This one I actually put up a few months ago and it was my inspiration to get the rest of them up.

Next up was my OGRE DE custom sheet display I had made.  This is been leaning against the wall for near a year. Top is the front and back of the sheet itself, middle is the insert that I had made to accompany it w/ history and some vehicle specs, and the bottom is the signed by Steve Jackson thank you card sent with all the KS orders .
Comments have already been made on the antique hardware in the pic.

Last weekend I put up a piece of original art that a shipmate drew for me about 18 yrs ago.  It's a representation of the character I've been running on and off for PFRPG 1st ed. for about 25 yrs, an Elf Longbowman. 
The stocks on the side are two K98k Mausers.

The final is a print I got at my first 'Con, WorldCon '91, signed by one of my favorite fantasy artists, Keith Parkinson (who passed away in 2005).  I picked up the print from a booth and noticed it wasn't numbered like it was supposed to be.  I went up to the artists tables to question it and, being young and stupid, didn't even look at the names.  I just happened to walk right up to Mr. Parkinson.  His response.. "Oh, my wife packed the wrong ones", at which point my jaw dropped getting the chance to meet the artist of my favorite book cover. The painting's title is called 'Arcane Summons' and depicts a Wolfen Shaman raising the corpses of long dead human heroes to fight for him.  It has spent most of the intervening time in storage and has suffered some damage but it is still in decent condition:

The next project is a puzzle that was finished probably near 30 yrs ago.  Now I hate doing puzzles, always have. So what I did was I started it on the dining room table and then left it. My mom, however, loves puzzles and can't stand seeing one unfinished.  Every time she'ld walk by, a few more pieces got added to it.  After a short while... voila... I had a complete puzzle.  It depicts a trio of greedy, thieving dwarves about to get their come-uppance by the rightful owner of a treasure.

Yes, there's a definite theme.

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Anonymous said...

Look I'm a fan but, calling that an "improvement" is debatable...

drjim said...

Pretty neat!

What's the shortwave on the TV?

Thirdpower said...

It's a Patrolman CB-60. AM through UHF.

drjim said...

Ah, that's an oldie!