Friday, September 5, 2014

When The Money Stops Flowing... I'll Believe It

Several news sources are reporting on Bloomie trying to get back in the news business in a way that making it sounds he's crying 'No Mas' on gun control.

True, his millions haven't bought quite as many politicians or laws as he's hoped but look at the 'private business' he's getting back into.... news. His own private media source he can use for as much anti-gun propaganda as he and his puppet Shannon Watts desires. 

His money's not going away nor are the organizations he's bought w/ it so don't get cocky people.  This isn't over by a long-shot.  The happy group of hypocrites will continue to try and strip you of your rights one (million) dollars at a time.

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TS said...

Yep. It's not hard to write a check.