Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Stupid....It Burns

I avoid places like Huffpo, Yahoo, and Youtube message boards due the the 4chan-esque level of discourse that occurs there, and yes, that's an insult to 4chan.  I still have an inkling, though, to browse the 1 star reviews on Amazon for things I purchase. 

For one of my history classes, I picked up one of my favorite WWI movies, Joyeux Noel, and, unfortunately I read the reviews. Most of them are about region or subtitle issues but this one took the cake:
Maybe about 10 minutes is about all we could stomache of this one. I had hoped we were getting a good Christmas movie. The unnecessarily foul content in just the opening took out the desire to find out how good it might have been...and the kids weren't even in the room!
There's a lot of great family/Christian Christmas movies out there like "Truce in the Forest", "House without a Christmas Tree", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Bishops Wife", "The Christmas Box", "Christmas Eve", "Midnight Clear", "A Christmas Visitor" people don't have to waste their time & money on trash like this.
No-one could figure out what this person was talking about until he dug his hole a little deeper by explaining:
The offensive material I was refering to is the passionate kiss on the mouth of one man to his dying comrade. Very sickening & unnecessary.
The scene (nowhere in the 1st 10 min btw) where a brother came upon his sibling dying and kissed him was a 'passionate kiss on the mouth'?  IOW, this person never watched the movie, was told about the scene from some anti-gay zealot, and decided to post a 'review'.

But the stupidity didn't stop there.  Some other jack-wagon decided to post an anti-US/NRA/gun/religion rant:
As for anything changing, you only have to look as far as the NRA in America for the lingering on of the dinosaur existence. Of course the answer to Americans using guns to massacre the innocents is to just throw in more guns?

"The only thing that will stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun"???
With logic like that and its extension into foreign policy, the world is doomed.
And yet it would appear no one can change this, .....and avoid being shot...!!!
A 'tolerant progressive' in action. And more:
As for the current question of the guns, yes if they were suddenly no longer available I guess crackpots would manage to find another way, BUT it would take them a damn side longer and a lot more organisation. Having a high-powered, rapid firing assault rifle so conveniently right to hand makes it so much easier to just grab it and go while in possession of the emotional heat of the moment. If it took longer to arrange a mass murder by some other means, things may just have cooled down a little.
This individual is allegedly an Australian who obviously has never touched a firearm in his life and knows anything about them nor the US.  I wonder how he feels now that his own politicos are lamenting the fact that Aussies aren't allowed to defend themselves?

I need some aspirin.

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Arthur said...

Usually if you only peruse hardware reviews you'll be less likely to spike your blood pressure. Anything even remotely 'artistic' is guaranteed to bring out the rats.

Although even hardware isn't immune. I checked the reviews for a scale and someone went on a rant about how awful it was that 'grain' was included as a unit of measure since only murderers use that.

Rob Crawford said...

And on the very day you posted this, we got proof that a good man with a gun CAN save lives.

(The Moore, OK ritual murder took place on the 25th; it only made national news on the 26th.)