Sunday, September 21, 2014

No Jackson, Sharpton, or Phleger.

No Holder or Obama talking about 'If I had a son'.

No CSGV, Brady Campaign, Or Bloomberg's Mommies carrying signs in front of the homes of the offenders. 

What am I talking about? 

About a month ago, a 9yr old boy was murdered in Chicago execution style. After a while, neighbors did start helping police w/ information which has led to the arrest of multiple individuals but only after one of the criminals, the ringleader, had already started singing after being arrested on another weapons charge.

All four known gang bangers w/ a history of violence and crime. The alleged shooter was out on parole after serving half his term on a 3 1/2yr weapons charge.  They were out cruising the streets looking for a rival gang banger to shoot when they decided in their diseased minds the boy was acting as a lookout and shot him over and over.  The gun used was a community gun that has supposedly been traced to numerous other shootings including a homicide.

While waiting for the witnesses to come forward, none of the 'big names' came forward.  There were no marches in the streets but there was one at a gun shop.  NBPP didn't bus in people to riot. 


Because they all knew who did it.

More on this at SCC and GSL.

And so far over 2 dozen people shot in Chicago, almost every single one gang related.

Remember though, it's all the gun's fault.

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Anonymous said...

And 'of course' they all passed their mandatory background checks, or did they? Oh wait, since the ring-leader was a convicted felon (on a gun charge no less) he would not be able to pass that check so he is 'exempted' due to the 5th Amendment.............

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee is just to the north. Even when the police catch a felon with a gun, make a case and send it to the Milwaukee DA, about half the cases are never prosecuted. But the Milwaukee mayor wants tougher gun laws.