Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Real Reason ABA Opposes Stand Your Ground Laws

  • Victims’ rights are undermined in states with statutory immunity from criminal prosecution and civil suit related to Stand Your Ground cases.
It reduces the amount of people they can sue and actually makes prosecutors have to work instead of just indicting anyone they feel like.

And did homicides really 'increase 8%" in SYG states after the laws were passed or is this more sudoku math to try and get the desired results? I know where I'ld lay my money.

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kinginyellow said...

Maybe te 8% increase is because those using syg that have to use deadly force are better shots than the criminal was?.... Also... Homicide is not the same as murder. Homicide is just the killing of another human. It not necessarily a crime. Murder on the other hand is a crime. They do not say that the murder rate went up, or maybe I missed it...

Archer said...

Justifiable homicides may have gone up 8%, but the way that was worded makes it sound like criminal murders went up. That was intentional, I'd bet. I can all but guarantee criminal murders - along with other violent crimes - went down.