Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gun Control 'Blood Money'

Anti-gun activist who didn't know the law in GA gets her undies in a wad when she discovers the guns she 'bought back' will be auctioned by police to FFL's.
“My whole objective was to get them off the streets,” she said. “I don’t agree with the law that has been passed, and I think we (should) pressure our local legislators to find ways to change that.”
While she's at least honest in not going on about 'safety' or whatever the current meme is and just wants to get rid of guns nor that they all have to go through background checks before being sold to the public, she's got no problem demanding some of the money the county got from the sale:
"We came here asking for proceeds from a local gun auction that was developed here last month. We supplied guns and we want some money to come to our organization," said Watson.
She didn't do the research, she shouldn't get any.  If she wants money from firearm sales, she can get herself an FFL and set up shop buying and reselling firearms to fund her organization.

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Sigivald said...

"My whole objective was to get them off the streets"

Does she imagine that FFLs sell a lot of guns to street criminals?

... okay, maybe she does.

Anonymous said...

They'll be off the streets and into someones gun safe. Win-win.