Sunday, August 24, 2014

Indi Movie Review: Project London

Ah, Independent films.  They are a roll of the dice. 

My first day of GenCon 2014, I picked up a DVD called Project: London being sold by Jen Page, an actress in the film.  The plot outline from their FB page:
Nebraska Higgins leads a normal, easy life in Seattle and works as a mechanic at Joint Command’s Control Tower. Joint Command is Earth’s global police and military force established as a union between old Earth governments and Nalardian refugees and powered by their technology. Nebraska plunges into a world of struggle and intrigue after Joint Command kills his father, a hero known by his large robotic exo-suit, Arizona.

Jerry, (a gas-mask wearing Nalardian), Benin Belabora, (a calm but powerful mastermind), and Xing Xing Fix, (the knitting maven of mayhem), keep Nebraska safe from the pursuing Joint Command whilst trying to recruit him to the London Underground. Meanwhile, Nebraska discovers that the experiments which destroyed the Nalardian’s home world have been resurrected, and a force unlike any the universe can imagine is about to be unleashed. Can Nebraska deal with the loss of his father as interplanetary calamities threaten to destroy the world around him? Earth’s fate depends on the potential in a young man’s heart.
Now this information is important to know because they don't explain most of it until about 2/3rds of the way into the film.  Since I didn't look at the FB page first, nor was it on the jacket, this left me w/ many 'WTF?' moments while watching it as I tried to figure out what was going on. I think the script writers had an idea in mind for their world and expected viewers to have the same vision.  IOW, between that and the increasingly common 'ADD Theatre' scene/frame switching every couple seconds made the movie really hard to follow. 

Once you figure out the background though, the story is actually pretty good along w/ some excellent CGI for a super-low budget film.  And you can't help but like the mysterious, gasmask/trenchcoat wearing character 'Jerry', arguably the best part of the movie.

I'm only going to give this a 1.5/5 stars (sorry Ms. Page).  It's doubtful I'll watch it again and am thinking the only reason I'll keep it is due to the autographs I have on the cover.

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