Tuesday, July 8, 2014

John Walsh Wants His New Show Cancelled

by following in the tracks of Piers Morgan in 'taking on the NRA'.

So a "Gun Owner Butt..." wants to use a new show on a network w/ declining ratings to stump about a generally unpopular topic while getting gun advice from Joe 'Shotgun' Biden.

Yeah, there's some good marketing for you.

But I found this particularly funny:
Walsh said he has suggested that gun manufacturers put GPS tracking devices in every gun so stolen weapons could be easily recovered.
Hmmm. A tracking device in a gun.  Kind of like what the Gov't attempted w/ 'Fast and Furious'? 

Just goes to show he's another sufferer of 'Hollywood Syndrome'.

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Sigivald said...

Does he have any idea how large a GPS tracker is, how long batteries last, how well they'd work in a metal object with no place for a real antenna?

And how trivial it'd be for a thief to disable one?

Man's a damned fool.

Braden Lynch said...

I'd like to put a GPS tracker up his rear end so the government can keep track of him. He is a threat to the Constitution and should be treated like the enemy of liberty that he is.

Crotalus said...

Remember, the GPS tracking devices were in Bush's "Wide Receiver" attempt, and the crooks deactivated them pronto. Bush stopped it when the failure was detected.

"Fast and Furious" had no such devices because interdicting the Cartels was not the intent, but recovery was to lead to renewed attacks on the 2A. That one only stopped when the People got wind of it, and yet, Holder, et.al. is still stonewalling on it.