Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All Chicago All The Time

2 dead, 8 wounded in Tuesday shootings
According to a police source, both are self-admitted gang members.
 A police source said the teen was a self-admitted gang member.
a dark-colored sedan drove past and someone inside fired at him (iow gang)
 someone in the pursuing vehicle then shot him in the head (gang/drug)

Young mother of five dead after shooting on Dan Ryan 

Some gang-banging thug shooting up the highway. 

 This is McCarthy's 'crime fighting techniques' in action.  Instead Rahm and Quinn will continue to spend millions trying to keep victims victims.

So where's Jesse Jackson Sr. and Shannon Watts and their paid for marchers?  Obama did a press conference on the boy he wanted to be his son, what about these? 

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Anonymous said...

And it's all these incidents like this that the ignorant aldermen in the chicago area, in the past have used as justification for more legislation that ends up restricting the rights of those with clean criminal records. Rather than legislating deeper penalties for revolving door criminals. The same lack of intelligence can be said for the chicago area legislators that are in Springfield also.

Don't it just steam your biscuits?