Monday, July 14, 2014

IL Gov. Quinn Crime Prevention: "Cops Kill Kids"

Four grand of his 'Crime Prevention' monies went to the "Pricsy's Production Outreach Program".  Here's how at least one of the 'counselors' went about that:
"I told her to tell him that late night is the prime time that you get harassed & killed by police“.to the parent of a 13 yr old boy.

“We talked about speaking w/child about dangers of being out on streets late, such as shootings, Police brutalityto the parent of a 15 yr old boy.

And you wonder why there's problems in Chicago.  

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1 comment:

Patrick Henry, the 2nd said...

Well to be fair, they are right. Cops kill with impunity now- hell look at the 2 year old that had a flash bang thrown in his crop, and NOTHING has happened to the cops!

Cops are out of control.