Monday, April 14, 2014

What Nice Weather Does To Chicago

After months of being cooped up, when the sun comes out, so do the weeds...

4 dead among at least 36 shot in Chicago in 36 hours 
  At least 36 people were shot in Chicago, four of them fatally, in as many hours over the weekend, with more than half of the shootings occurring over a half-day period stretching into early Sunday.
Not surprising.  All the gangbangers, thugs and other lowlife criminals have been holed up for most of the winter and when they emerge, they've got all that built up energy and desire for violence built up. So obviously the best way to release it is to shoot up their own neighborhoods. 

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Matthew said...

This is why I cautioned against claiming victory for the CCW law. The temporary respite was clearly (from a criminologists viewpoint) due to the bad weather, just like every winter in Chicago.

Hopefully the anti's won't pull out those claims to throw back in the claimants faces.

"Not making things worse" is the most we should feel the need to show (though a Right requires no justification). Going beyond that to claim magical positive powers just gives the anti's an opening to confuse the issue and challenge our credibility on every downturn.

Thirdpower said...

Of course they will. "Just look at how stupid those gun owners are" etc. On the other hand, Chicago police superintendent McCarthy railed on and on about how their laws and restrictions caused the lowest murder rate in 60 yrs. We can throw that right back at them.