Sunday, April 13, 2014


If you've ever heard a 'gun control' advocate state that licensing, registration, training, and/or psych tests are needed for firearm owners because they 'might' be unstable, raise your hand.

Now raise your hand if you've ever heard one call for these same requirements for parents?

Yeah, next time ask them 'why not'?

7 Babies Found Dead in Utah Home; Woman Arrested
 Authorities obtained a search warrant to inspect the home, where they found six more infant bodies inside, packaged in separate containers, the police statement said.
 Roberts said that through their investigations, they had reason to believe that Huntsman had given birth to the six other babies in the period between 1996 and 2006 and murdered them.

3-Year-Old Dies After His Mother Leaves Him Home Alone for 20 Hours 
 Three-year-old Austin Davis died after his mom left him home alone for 20 hours.
 Not only did McKeon leave her son home alone for work, after work she went and stayed the night at her boyfriend's house. She left her son with food, juice, and a movie -- and thought everything would be just fine.

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dustydog said...

The requirements for owning and carrying a gun should be exactly the same as for voting.

I've never hurt anybody with a firearm. People's voting decisions, in the aggregate, are far more dangerous than their gun ownership.

People too crazy to own a gun are too crazy to vote. People too irresponsible to own a gun are too irresponsible to vote.

But you say, we can't trust the government to decide who should and shouldn't be allowed to vote. We tried that experiment, and the government abused its authority. Same problems for both rights.

A voter ID card should be all you need to buy a gun and carry it, openly or concealed.

Archer said...

I can hear the cries for "universal background checks" on the exercise of parental rights now. It's "For the children!!!!!!!" and all.

Or not.

These people have children (scary thought that may be). They can't/won't do anything to inconvenience themselves; only us.