Monday, April 7, 2014

"He Was A Good Boy"

These stories always make me shake my head in disbelief. 
“The police pulled a gun like he was going to shoot him too, telling him to back up,” said Veronique Jones, the victim’s cousin. “He was just laying there. He didn’t have no weapon or nothing. He was just trying to hop a gate.”
“He never posed a threat or anything,” said friend Jay White. “He had a warrant of his arrest that he knew of…so maybe that’s why he took off running.”
Yep. "Trying to get his life together" so he runs from the cops.  And how do his friends and family honor him?  By posting pictures of him. 

Like these:

Well that's not bad.  Many of us like posting pictures posing w/ guns, right even ignoring the various 'rules' breaking here. 

From the Sun Times:
Police said a Glock semi-automatic handgun — with a laser sight and an extended high-capacity magazine — was found at the scene.
Hmmm. Kind of like this one?

Now I don't know if that's the exact gun or not but I'm going to hazard a guess this 20 yr old did not have a valid FOID, did not legally purchase any of the various firearms pictured, nor did he have a concealed carry permit. 

But the family is going to back this 'good boy' 100% no matter the facts.

H/t to GSL.

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, another #@#% choirboy...

Robert Fowler said...

The most dangerous thing anyone can do is "turn their life around". It seems that that is a fatal disease. Followed closely by "He was a good boy".

Anonymous said...

Just another feral animal running around - but no doubt a pillar of his "family"...

Anonymous said...

But at least he knows enough to keep his finger out of the trigger guard, unlike many who post pictures while posing for the press at hearings

Sigivald said...

People trying to "turn their life around" who "know they have a warrant out" typically turn themselves in.

Turning yourself in, after all, proves to the Court that you aren't a complete scofflaw; it helps, compared to getting arrested and dragged in...

Greg Tag said...

Second pic appears to be a SIG P6/P225 with extended magazine.

I do believe that it is agin' the law for an underage teenage punk to have a pistol, particularly in Emmanuel-Land.

I have a suggestion for Hizzoner the Mayor- why not arrest the gang bangers and disarm THEM, and leave the honest citizens alone?


Anonymous said...

Reference to the comment about the second picture, it also appears to be a smoking device of some kind, not normally used for ordinary tobacco in his other hand.