Friday, March 7, 2014

Florida Carry Doing It Right

When they get an PuSH'er into a mouth foaming tizzy, you know they're on the right track:

a Deadwood-like mind-set that one must be fully armed 24 hours a day
 Agenda 21 crowd descends from the black helicopters
 frothing gun rights groups across the state that won't be satisfied until all newborns from Panama City to Key West are issued a TEC-9 in their bassinet.
 where anyone could pack heat in their vehicles
 the fighting body bags of Cross Hair U.
 shoot people just for the heck of it. 
 while the Second Amendment is all very nice
  gun-toting poltroons
Thank you Danny.  Articles like this get groups like Florida Carry and the NRA dozens of more supporters every time you publish them.

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Awelowynt said...

Hey, there's a marketing idea! I suddenly have the urge to look into making Tec-9 rattles.

emdfl said...

The tbt is and has ALWAYS been a socialist/commuist supporting rag.
Likewise anybody employed their can be considered a whore for Berry and his agenda.

The funniest story never told about that rag is that the original owner/editor(also a founding member of the American Socialist Party back in the '30's) was shot on the steps of his office by an irate cockolded husband, heh, heh, heh.

Billll said...

Mass shootings are, so far, the exclusive domain of demented lefties. Everyone is aware of this on one level or another. Advertising that the supply of demented lefties is undiminished serves to encourage the rest of us to buy a gun and go armed in self-defense.