Friday, January 3, 2014

My IL CCW License....

....  Is going to wait. 

As many regular readers know, I was , if not at the forefront of the fight, in the 2nd line to get this passed. I'm also one who prefers to wait until systems get all/most bugs worked out and bottlenecks cleared before I participate.  At this point, classes are still backlogged, there are still issues w/ the ISP systems/rules, and there are going to be questions on some of the training that is being completed. 

So I'm going to wait a bit.  I and the spouse will be getting them but more likely over the summer when the rush has slowed down a bit and some of the issues have been fixed. 

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Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. Too many in line and too many bugs. Besides the politicians are still working out where you can/can't carry. From what I see anyone with a permit will be breaking the law somewhere, some time unknowingly. I can wait, rather not, but it's a miracle we even got this far in this state. Oh yea, happy new year. Love reading your blog, it's good to be in contact with like minded folks.

Don said...

I'm not rushing to be in the first ranks, but I probably won't wait for summer. I'll put my app in during January unless something is clearly going wrong.

Unknown said...

Waiting for the wife to get time off to take the classes, being prior military I only need to do 8 hours but I'm taking the 16. Hanging your wife out to dry for the first 8 hours is a d!ckhead move.

BTW Funshow in Jville, Feb 22-23.

Awelowynt said...

Put my application in this morning. Odd thing I noticed - my receipt is two hours earlier than I am. I completed the application around 7AM, but my receipt says 5AM.