Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book Review: Man-Kzin Wars XIV

The fourteenth volume of a series I've been reading since it's first published compilation in 1988. The Man-Kzin Wars are set in Larry Niven's 'Known Space' universe (which includes the Ringworld ) and encompasses the conflict between humanity and a hyper-aggressive feline species known as the Kzinti which are bent on enslaving (and devouring) mankind.

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This book is much less action oriented than previous volumes, heavily focusing on the political and economic effects of the post war 'Wunderland'.  Hal Colebach & Jessica Fox spend much of the first story "A man named Saul' in lecture mode although outside of that it keeps one involved. The two stories by Matthew J. Harrington are more "Known Space" inclusive than Man-Kzin based and tends to throw alot of details w/o expanding on them in his stories leaving me often going 'Huh?" .  The other stories further expand on concepts and ideas from earlier stories. 

Unfortunately the production value of the paperback edition was very poor.  Typos not only throughout the book but on the cover itself  (ie. Matthew Jospeph Harrington instead of Joseph).

Overall 3.5/5.  Not the best in the series but worth the read.

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Old Jarhead said...

The Man-Kzin Wars is a great series, but likewise so is the "Falkenberg's legion" series, by Jerry Pournelle. also, the trilogies put out by Ian Douglas, starting with "Luna Marine". Great books, all the way around.