Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sheriff Tom Dart Can't Read a Calendar

In his absolute panic over CCW coming to Illinois, he says this about the law " 
“When you throw in the mental health component here, it's like what in God's name were these people thinking?” Dart said of state lawmakers. “They were in such a hurry to get something done.”
Hurry?  Huh?  CCW had been debated for YEARS in this state.  The legislature had 6 months to put together a law that 49 other states have variations on.  What did they do?  They literally waited until the day before the session ended and the various Chicagocrats went into a tizzy trying to throw as much crap against the wall as they could to get it 'No Carry'.

So Dart?  As dense as you are, the only 'lawmakers' you can blame are your fellow morons in C(r)ook Cnty/Chicago.  The ones who created that 'hurry'.  

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brian said...

Politicians are ridiculous. Thanks for sharing this post.

Rob.G said...

Good job! Keep calling them out every single time!

Rob Crawford said...

When you throw in the mental health component here

I thought you guys took care of that in Illinois by giving the insane elected office.