Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ISP Making Up New CCW Rules

In an effort to keep as many people from applying as they can, the Illinois State Police have decided to only accept CCW applications online

Yeah, not going to happen.  Especially w/ the wonder that is the Obamacare website, I'm sure their intentions are honorable. 

Is it any wonder that pro-gun activists distrust any and all new laws/rules when in every instance, they get abused?  All the ISP is going to do is generate countless more lawsuits and cost the state even more money. 

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Archer said...

A couple questions, if you can:
- Does the ISRA (or any other pro-gun group) have the funds on-hand for another lawsuit?
- Do they have standing at this point (among other things, is there a specific and measurable harm in how CCW is being implemented)?
- At what point can a judge impose harsh sanctions against the powers-that-be to force them to abide by the intent of the legislature and not add in onerous obligations that aren't part of the original CCW bill?
- Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, at what point can a judge (correctly) assume that any CCW implementation by the ISP will add in extra obligations and strike down all requirements other than the exact letter of the law?

(Yea, I know that last one is wishful thinking....)

Old NFO said...

Obstructing ANY way they can... Truly sucks!!!

ISH (Mininerd) said...

Sounds like grounds for a Fourteenth Amendment suit, if you want my decidedly non-expert opinion.