Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Josh Sugarmann Attacks 'Assault Coins'

Joshie is jealous that the NRA actually has income and people who want to advertise in their magazines.  So his latest target?  One of those companies that make coins because it was the NRA's fault that Kennedy was killed or something like that.

Just the levels of silliness that the old school PuSH'ers are delving to truly explains why their organizations are relying exclusively on funding from groups like the Joyce Foundation and Bloomie. 

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Anonymous said...

He fails to mention Jack was a Life Member.
How odd...


Anonymous said...

The linked article mentions "high capacity concealed carry pistols" tha link for that term is an add for a seven shot pistol, I had no idea that even with California's ban on high capacity handguns every gun bought through a dealer is "high capacity" except my j frame. Guess this just shows that even California's Brady campaign A rated gun laws are not enough.

Shawn said...

I get American Rifleman and I saw that ad in the back. Actually bought a few though that since I collect silver coins and you save a little.