Monday, November 18, 2013


Fans of Eddie Murphy will get the reference. 

Jacksonville gun show AAR.

Half.  That's about what most of the shows have been doing compared to this time last year (pre-Sandy Hook). From what I was told by Reader/Blogger Jay Ater, the New Berlin show about 20 miles away was equally as slow although a good number of people signed up for the ISRA.  Talking to other vendors who do venues other than guns, music festivals, biker rallies and flea markets are doing about the same. People are keeping their wallets closed.  Why is the question.  Getting close to Xmas? Fears of the economy?  Obamacare?  All of the above?  Who knows. 

For me the fast movers were patches, hats and toys.  Several folks bought gifts for kids and a few bulk sales of patches to vendors/groups really made the weekend. I can now pay for the washer that went out.

No more shows scheduled until after the holidays. That gives me the time to start shipping out the OGRE 6e Nihon sheets when they arrive.

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Anonymous said...

All of the above. Most folks don't know what is going to happen. Nobody does. So they try to hang on to their money.
Wal- mart has been getting some Winchester 5.56mm NATO Ball ammo in. So I have been buying one or two boxes at a time trying to slowly build up a little bit.

Old Dog said...

Only places getting money from me are Ammoman and Lucky Gunner!

Anonymous said...

skinny caca bitch.

dustydog said...

32% real inflation since 2008 is the reason. Unemployment up, and many folks with jobs either have taken pay cuts or haven't had a raise in those 5 years.

For folks like me who live in blue tax & waste states, we've seen increased federal taxes, state taxes, and property taxes on frozen wages.