Monday, November 11, 2013

I See a Trend

2 gunshot victims found at party in Charleston, Illinois

Two Cypress Springs High School students killed in house party shooting

Yep. Hundreds of unsupervised teenagers at a party likely w/ drugs, alcohol and a couple of illegal guns involved.  Always a good combination.

Or maybe it's just they have issues w/ large groups of people:

Teen in custody after shooting at NYC skating rink

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Unknown said...

Odd how "THEY" always blame the evil gun, but never question how it is those prohibited got the firearm. Could the true evil be the opportunist who ILLEGALLY transferred that gun? Could it be the prohibited individual ILLEGALLY possessing and firing that firearm? So many broken laws that didn't prevent tragedy and "THEIR" answer is we need more laws? That's about as logical as posting a "Gun Free Zone" sign to prevent getting shot.

B said...

First two shootings were blacks shooting blacks.