Thursday, November 14, 2013

He Went Full Retard, Never Go Full Retard

My apologies to certain friends who are understandably sensitive about that word but in this case there was no other title that would do justice.

In regards to the 'Doomsday Prepper' episode "We are the Maruaders", this screencap says it all:

I forced myself to sit through the whole episode just to see how bad it could get.  There are no words for it.

His 'ceramic body armor' were some floor tiles, boat fiberglass and duct tape stuck together w/ roofing tar. It stopped a .22 and some 12ga shot but a 30-06 went right through it (which anyone w/ an IQ above that of your avg. house plant could have predicted). That prompted him to declare that he was equal in skill to all those engineers who spent years studying kevlar.  I kid you not.

Then he makes some 'body armor' out of scrap steel and aluminum.  His cousin whaps him w/ a pipe and some rocks before he shoots him 'point blank' at an extreme angle w/ that 12ga again to declare it able to stop anything.

Yes, he is that stupid and I don't think it was all prompting by NG.

His FB page has been removed and he's been kicked out of the 'Washington Militia'.

Worst of all is that he's breeding.

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Pyrotek85 said...

So what you're saying is all I need are some floor tiles and duct tape...

Honestly I'd worry less about armor and more about strategy so you don't get shot in the first place. Even real armor is more of a last resort, it doesn't make you bullet proof or anything.

Siege said...

Becoming a raider is always a nearly surefire way to get yourself ventilated. That said, he's at least doing it right (which is to say, embarrassingly badly, reducing the threat he actually poses to people who's plan for survival is not rampant assholism)

Pyrotek85 said...

LOL reducing the threat he poses, good way to put it.

That's the problem with armor, even with unlimited money and materials (in other words when things haven't yet gone to hell), it's still really hard to make armor that will stop bullets while still being something you can actually wear and function with. Trying to improvise with scrap? I think all you'll end up doing is reducing your mobility IMO.

What's sad is I can forgive non-gunnies for thinking otherwise, since TV usually shows bullets bouncing off of anything metal (as long as it's convenient to the plot that is), but as a gun owner he should know just how powerful bullets are and how easily they rip through sheet metal.

Anonymous said...

Nat Geo is just try to make all preppers look like idots and or a national threat.

KingOfDebauchery said...

Please God, may all of those whom wish to inflict harm upon me or my family, be as fat and stupid as this guy.

Matt said...

He claims he's an apex predator.

I'm sure he is an apex predator.... with a fork and knife in his hands at the all you can eat buffet.

Sigivald said...

It stopped a .22 and some 12ga shot but a 30-06 went right through it

That's better than I expected, honestly.

I'd have thought .22LR would shatter a floor tile and keep going.

Thirdpower said...


They probably did shatter the tiles but the fiberglass sheets, duct tape, and roofing tar kept it from flying out that we could see.

Rob Crawford said...

ISTR the floor tile armor idea comes from an episode of Mythbusters.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I had a 'possum (pet food raider) hide behind a plastic bucket...and ventilated him quite well. This guy is no smarter than a damn 'possum.

Firehand said...

I caught that Mythbusters show; they used bathroom tiles- the kind that come in 1-foot squares on mesh- layered with a special grout.

I will note they did NOT wear it while testing.

Ron said...

YMMV but for the most part I find the DP series to be a forced fantasy. Come onnnnnn, who has the money to piss away on armor plated ATVs gauranteed to drive through anything,,, or a 3 floor underground concrete shelter complete with elevator. Oh yes, it's all reality.

Anonymous said...

Could be a "False Flag" stunt.
In any event you can't fix stupid.
Stockpiling food is a good idea, however, the stockpile really only buys time to grow your own.
Guys like him need to concentrate more on self-sufficiency and less on the guns and ammo fantasy.
Paul in Texas

AuricTech said...

Thus, with the disbanding of MALLSECDEVGRU, Gecko45 found himself forced to resort to a life of petty brigandage.

Tragic, really.

Chris said...

AuricTech, I bow in your general direction.