Sunday, October 20, 2013

NAC Heavy (and Sneaky) Armor

Last week I posted some PE forces done up in various patterns.  This week I went and picked them all up and added were a NAC OGRE Ninja and an OGRE Mk VI.

How do you make an armored vehicle the size of a school 'stealthy'?  LOTS of electronics.  Even w/ those a 'Ninja' motif was obligatory:
 It started out as all black but that just was too bland. My painter added a touch of color onto the 'conning tower' ( a dark grey), the missile tips (dark blue) and a hint of red to the exhaust vents in the back.  Much better.

Next up (but not last) is Bertha, The Mk VI:
The biggest OGRE ever built. Able to crush large buildings w/ a single push. Guns, missiles, armor, AI.  Camo pattern is ATACS-FG. Can you hide something this big w/ camo?  No, but it looks cool.

Next up will be a Mk IV in Multicam, a unit of Missile Tanks, Mobile Howitzers, and Infantry in Tiger Stripe and some supporting buildings.

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