Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mom's Demand Lovin' Astroturf In Action

The same two women that testified at the CCW hearings and claimed FB 'likes' as 'members' are back again pushing for a bill that doesn't exist.

What they prove is that they really have no idea what is in the CCW law and only repeat talking points given them by their superiors. They claim that schools will have to post 'No Guns' signs at every door. 

Uh, no. That is only for businesses that choose to disallow self-defense. Schools are verboten w/o question. Sign or no sign if you carry in a school, you're breaking the law.

But they don't know that nor do they really care.  Those are 'facts' you see and 'facts' don't fit into an anti-gun activists' world-view.  But they've got lots of money to keep saying the things they do.

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Unknown said...

I enjoyed their "background check" rally a week or so ago, uhm guys, we have had 'universal' background checks via the FOID system for decades, and they even tightened that up last session with a way so you can check someone's FOID validity.

Archer said...

If they want to waste money, time, and energy pushing for a law that's already there, or promoting a bill that doesn't exist, I say, "Let them."

Every dollar they spend rallying against something that's already illegal is a dollar they can't spend rallying against something that's not.

As for us, Colorado showed that although their financial backing works in their favor, we have a HUGE advantage (besides real grassroots): Lies cost money and big lies cost big money, but facts are free.