Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love Potion #9

(say it singing, makes the header funnier)

You know what's even funnier than being threatened w/ 'legal action' for exposing nitwits and fraudulent claims?  When the nitwits actually get a lawyer to respond not w/ a 'cease and desist' letter but more of a 'we don't like what you said but all we can do is send a letter' letter.

GSL gets a letter from 'Equip2Conceal' over their president's not so well thought out post in IllinoisCarry threatening legal action and GSL's laugh-fest over it.

To tell you the potential quality many are expecting, this about says it all:
Secondly, I’ve noticed Equip 2 Conceal is offering classes at hotels and frankly, E2C is on our radar again.  I sincerely hope E2C’s instructors are not teaching a 16-hour course that requires four hours of range work at a hotel in two 9a-5p days.  Nowhere in the Illinois FCCA law does it credit lunches or travel time in the course hours and the Illinois State Police are proving to be sticklers for detail.

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John said...

I think Jak is a-spammin'!

Mr. Hurwitz or Hurlitz or whatever will be sending you a pussy-cat letter soon if yer not careful!