Monday, October 14, 2013

'I'ntelligence 'N'ot 'E'xpected

I love razzing my Marine friends w/ all the stereotypes (and they reciprocate). 

This guy though....  Holy K'niggets. Attempting to read that just gave me a migraine.

See if you can make it through.

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Chad said...

Nope, couldn't make it through.

Archer said...

Whoo! *huff puff* Made it!

That's some powerful weapons-grade ignorance, that is! Hits most of the anti-gun talking points. "Guns took lives," "I respect the right ... BUT...," ranting about "assault weapons" that "no civilian should have," invoking the Founding Fathers and their foresight, sticking on emotions instead of facts, etc. Makes me question whether he actually served. If he did, "Congrats and thanks, now remember your oath!" If not, "Sit down and be quiet, the grown-ups are talking."

I will agree with him on one point: "December 14th is not a day to be owned." I don't think it's right to politicize a tragedy. I also know that won't stop the antis from doing so, and so we do what we must, but that doesn't make it right. Now, did he write the antis about that? I doubt it.