Friday, June 21, 2013

Morse Recall Harassment?

According to the Recall Sen. Morse page, people who signed the petition are being called at home and harassed into removing their names.
Apparently, Morse’s DC tactics are at it again. Many people who signed the petition are being called and being pressured to recant their signature on the petition. We are asking folks to let us know if you feel intimidated by these calls or are being overtly coerced in any way.

Go to and click on Contact Us to report if you feel unduly pressured or intimidated by their calls.
It honestly wouldn't surprise me at all.

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GreyLocke said...

I think the link is busted, at least for me it is.

Thirdpower said...


Billll said...

The petitions have been approved. Seems a bit late for this sort of tactic.

The Morse people are down to arguing that the state-supplied boilerplate wording was wrong.

hazmat said...

Why not. It worked for the anti Prop 8 crowd in Cali.